Safety of film cameras & tripods

Film camera & tripod ‘how to be safe’ :0!


Film cameras can break or get damaged very easy, you need to take good care of them to ensure that they stay in good condition. For example, when putting away a film camera it is vital that the lens case is placed back over the lens to prevent any scratches, smears, fingerprints or breakage. As the lens it the most expensive part on any camera.

A camera case is also important as it will keep any film camera in good is always best to double check incase you have put a film camera into a camera case the wrong way round, as this will automaticially downsize what protection is provided by the case. They have built in padding to protect it from being dropped also, from being damaged or dented.

Don’t leave film cameras on the floor unattented as anybody could easily walk past and step on them.

Tripods are a common stand used in everyday filming to support and keep the film cameras steady. This prevents any unwanted shakiness, giving you smooth camera angles. However, when tripods are positined in the wrong place there is a common health and safety issue that arises, ‘tripping’. Ensure when using a tripod that it is to the side of any walkway or, in clear view of everyone passing.

Tripods should also always be placed back in there casing, as they have parts attached that could easily break or snap off. They are not cheap to replace.

When attaching a film camera to a tripod double check that you have positioned it on correctly and is stable, as you are putting the camera at risk of damage.


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