The Borrowers – Development Process

THE BORROWERS – develpoment of borrowers process.
When developing our images we discussed the idea of placing smaller images of us onto a background image. We studied part of the film ‘ the borrowers’ and managed to get some understanding of the effect and technique that went into producing  smaller people onto a larger background. We then, in groups had to plan and come up with ideas for our borrower image.When coming up with ideas, we had to take certain issues that may crop up into consideration. We also came up with many different backgrounds. Heres a few we came up with,

Bottle,Car wheel, Leaves, Table, Baskettball hoop, Keyboard, Fan, Roof, Bag, Toilet, Washing Machiene, Matchbox, Tv, Radio, Chair, Clothing, Pet cage.

Using a digital camera we had to go and take our individual background images.

I then had to decide and elaberate on my basic idea. I wanted to produce a series overall involving 3 seperate pictures, each involving slightly different angles and goings on. However, unfortunatly i was absent on the day of taking images of the people ( different angles) therefore, i may not be able to do a series now which i am dissapointed about. Hopefully, my overall image will be just as effective.


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