Producing Our Borrower Image & Screen Shots

when producing our borrower image we had to consider various different problems that may crop up.

For example, the location. When planning our background image we had think about how we able to access a certain location. A room could be locked or unsafe. Possibly, the background may be to high therefore you weren’t able to reach where it is going to be.

We also had to think ahead, the weather could have been a major problem. If i wanted a sunny day background and it was raining on the take of taking my background picture, it wouldn’t match my plan/ideas, neither would it have been what i wanted.

Also a leaf on a tree, would be moving in the wind, therefore the picture would come out blurry and it would not work at all.

Another issue was timing, if i wanted my background picture to be of the college canteen i wouldn’t go at the busiest time of the day to take my image as, there would be alot of people and some may get in the way.

when  I’d got my background image.

  1. I loaded it up in photo shop.
  2. I also opened up my images of people
  3. On my image of josh, i used the ‘quick selection tool’ to outline the whole of him and cut off any unwanted background.
  4. I then clicked on ‘refine edge’. Making sure to remember to assign it to a new layer. This then, gave me the option to soften, feather or change the edges. (also to finish off neatening of the picture).
  5. After i had finished it eventually, looked like this.     Click on 'refine edge'

I also used the Dodge tool lighten and Burn tool to darken. The healing tool which i used [J], & the Brush tool [B].

finished qucked selection and refine edging.

6. I then clicked ‘Apple T’ and dragged my person onto my background image. Holding shift, when resizing so the picture didn’t become pix-elated.person on background7.  I then altered the colour contrast, gamma and brightness to match the tone of my background image. Also, to change the direction of the shadow ‘FX’ which was important as the light had to match.

8. I then decided, that i wanted to place another person onto my picture.

9. I again, used the quick selection tool, [ALT] brings it back in again. & clicked ‘Refine edge’. ‘On Layers’, ‘New Layer’. Therefore, you have a background  and  background copy.

10. Using the eraser i erased what i didn’t want. Smoothed the edges, and  altered the tone.

11. Next, i decided to add a new person as i wasn’t do sure if i wanted to keep ‘Jake’ on my image as he was at the wrong angle. Therefore, i decided to use this image and have her eventually balancing on the match stick. I again used quick selection and the eraser to trim round the unwanted background bits.

12. I then used, [CMD, T] to free transition this onto my background.

13. When resizing her down i held [Shift].

14. I positioned her and altered the shadows [FX] for my overall image. I think that the one with only 2 miniature people looks best as it is not to crowded and looks more realistic


Overall, i think that the first one ( on the left) is the best it appears more real and things naturally look better. After doing the finishing touches this is my final borrowers image….


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