Time Line Joiner

This was my first joiner of a time line sequence. I decided to produce a time line as i wanted to create something different. I had already experienced the techniques of making joiners and created some myself.  I feel that the time line works well and represents a different style of joiner.  The time line sequence is of a girl called ‘Nadine’ who is walking down the aisle in Northampton College Library. When Taking my joiners we were given a digital camera to use. The camera however, was quite old and had a limited battery time.

We decided to use digital cameras as we found for past experience they are easy to transfer onto a computer, without having to processing, stop and fix the images. Digital cameras generally can appear more sharp and clearer as well.

After transferring the pictures onto computer by a camera USB lead. We opened up photo shop which is a photo editing software designed so you can change, touch up and alter all images. It is a very good piece of picture editing software although, can become quite difficult when doing complicated editing. It is presently very popular however, expensive. Therefore i edited my ‘time line joiner images’ on the Mac Pc’s in the Photography room at Northampton College.

Firstly when creating my timeline joiner i had to change the size of, all of my images to make sure that they werent to big or small and also, to be clear that they were the same size. I therefore resized all of my ‘time line’ images to:

Width-50 mm

Height-… mm

Resolution-300 pix/inch

After resizing all my images, i created a plain white background to place my resized pictures onto. This will be how i present my work at the end.

My plain white background measurements were,   Width- 297 mm, Height- 210 mm, Resolution 300 pix/inch

I then dragged my time line images onto my plain white background.

This is my final time line joiner, i feel that overall it went quite well, and when taking the photos, enjoyed the group i was working with. I feel that the time line is simple and effective as it clearly shows different moments in time. Although if i was to do this again, i would make sure that when taking the images, the lighting is the same as i feel this may slightly deceive the ‘time line’ being only a couple of seconds walk apart from the image

There fore next time I’d use photo shop and darken the 1st image of my time line as i feel that the overall appearance would be a lot better and give the impression that the (light) time hasn’t changed. I would use the Burn tool to do this.

I have tried to darken the image to the best of my ability however, it wasn’t as easy as i thought as all the other images are the exact tones. I also didn’t have enough time to do a proper job although, i still feel that there is a slight improvement. I had trouble posting the image onto here so there will be one printed with my original one.

After placing all of my time line images together i then had to save it making sure that i wouldn’t loose the work i had produced. [CMD] S

I felt that a time line would represented one of my joiners well as, i think i have created a moment in time, a caption of a journey, and i know that photography can perceive these stages well. When i had seen the printed version i was pleased, it was a shame that the 1st stage has a slightly different colour tone. The spacing between the stages i think works well as it shows that split second of something else happening. In the future i would like to create some more time lines and maybe experiment with ordering and content.


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