Vending Machiene Joiner

This is my vending machine joiner, which i feel is the most basic one i produced. When taking the images for this joiner i decided to produce a none detailed one to add some variety to my work. I went around college looking for objects, people or nature to photograph and turn into one of my own personal joiners. As David Hockney had done.

When taking the pictures for the joiner, it was vital that i included part of the previous image into the the image. Therefore when piecing the images together there is a way of connecting (‘joining’) them together. To take the photos i borrowed a ‘college camera’ which was a digital one therefore I didn’t need to change the shutter speed or apertures unlike a 35mm camera.

Firstly, i created a plain blank background, Sizes:

Width, 100    Height, 75     Resolution, 300

This then gave me a background image to work onto.

I dragged all the images i had taken of the vending machine into photo shop. I then had to choose a size that i wanted to re size them to. Making sure that the overall image, would not look to small nor big.

Therefore i decided to size them to,

Width, 100mm     Height, 75mm     Resolution 100 pix/inch

All the separate pictures are the same size now.

I then started placing my images overlapping then. One by One.

I had to switch some of the layers round as i was finding it quite difficult and complicated to layer ontop i didnt feel that the over effect was no where near as good.

Therefore, the layers are now changed to and set as 2,3,4 and 1.

After being satisfied with the order of my layers i ‘flattened my image’, You do this when your done editing a piece of work to combined all the editing you’d done together into one.

Overall, i feel that this ‘Vending Machine Joiner’ is quite effective. Its simplistic form makes it easy to see the joins and examine how it was pieced together. I think this looks good as it fits together well and looks quite interesting. I had also managed to extend the length and create more sweets and chocolate inside. I feel that there has been slight movement produced in this joiner as the sweets and chocolate almost appear to be dropping down the machine. I would change the amount that is involved in this picture. By increasing the busyness off the background or increasing on the amount of photos taken. It would of been good to experiment but unfortunately i had run out of time. I didn’t come across any problems when creating this joiner however if it was a popular time of day in the canteen i may of had some trouble photography as we would get in each others way.



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