Library Book Joiner



When taking these images i was in the Library again at Northampton College. We had to be aware of other students studying as they would like piece and quite. Making sure that the flash was not on because it could cause a noise or not discuss to much when working. I think that we took other peoples feelings into consideration. These images for my joiner were taken on a digital camera and edited on photo shop.

I am quite fond of this joiner as i feel that i have used the materials well. I managed to include part of the previous image into the next one. This is vital when creating a joiner. I feel that the colours and tones of the overall picture compliament eachother and do not contrast to much.  I think that the overall image creates movement, the boxs can be imagined to still be tipping onto eachother. Even though in this picture you can see the lines from where the seperate images have joined i feel that it adds more of a jaged effect. I like the way in the particular joiner that nothing is preciese like the others. The height of the orginal books have been altered and changed along with the thickness. Overall, i feel that this is a good representation of what a joiner is.

Although, if i were to do this again i found that i could have taken more images as many of them have repeated as i run out of different images. I would also maybe use different sections of the library and included a short connected joiner of the different shelving and books. I reckon that this would have been a really interesting and contrasting joiner. However, i am slightly dissapointed as i didnt have enough time to improve and elaberate on it.



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