Location Report

Throughout filming our ‘music video’ we will have to be filming in several locations. The equipment we will be using are a tripod, camera battery,  film camera and film tape. These can be expensive and difficult to replace. Also, there are help and safety issues which we should be aware of.

The first location we will be shooting in is the bathroom, we will be filming a young man brushing his teeth. We will need to be careful about the film cameras around water as it would damage the equipment. Also, we will be careful not to obstruct the doors ( main entrance door and separate toilet doors).  A general common problem when filming in public bathrooms is that there are always alot of mirrors and little space therefore you may get unwanted reflections so we will need to pay attention to avoid this when shooting.

The second location is the stairs, we will be filming the sister of the boy taking his hat off his head without him looking. We need to be aware that we dont trip or fall as we possibly could hurt ourselves or damage the equipment. This could be painful or expensive as a result. Also to position the equipment in the right place as it could easily block or get in peoples way. This wouldn’t be any good as it could annoy, distract or easily knocked.

Then we shall be doing several shots in the hallway we have to beware of the doors, when people are walking in and out and don’t place tripods or film cameras behind them, as they are college’s property. Do not block the lifts as people which are disabled may not be able to get out also, class rooms doors as they could block people wanting to get through and would slow them down.

After that we will be going into a classroom to film about Jam turning up late to class. We firstly need to make sure the classroom is an empty one, whereby people aren’t learning and working as it would be unfair to distract other students. Make sure we have permission to use the classroom. Do not place the equipment behind doors as it could scratch or knock it also, on edges of tables as they can fall off.  Also be sure that you are not likely to place the tripos anywhere that you may trip over easily.

Lastly we will be working outside where Jam will pretend to stand in poop, we need again to be aware of people passing also, the consider the weather and how it may effect the camera if it gets wet for to long. Also, how it may effect the filming all together because the rain would go on the lens. Be aware not to trip over anything. Or to drop the equipment onto the floor as it is a very rough surface and the film camera would get marked.


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