Introduction To Research ‘Glee’ Assignment *task 1

For this assignment i am going to, research and identify what songs the public want to see in ‘Glee’ production. Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series. I am also, going to analyse the show and establish who exactly the audience is and how popular the show has become. It originally was shown in the us aired on channel ‘Fox’. Because of its popularity it moved to the uk.  On January 11th 2010 ‘Glee’ was first viewed on E4 and pulled in a respectable 1.14m (4.2%) for E4.  Managing Director of Glee, Steve Cornish had said: “Glee is a fun and unique musical comedy that we think is a perfect fit for E4′. The popularity of glee then expanded in the uk by alot, this would have been mainly been because of word of mouth and the huge media focas that it achieved.

Glee is also cross media as, the producers have reached a variety of different products that has made them more money and the show more worldwide. Glee’s cross media products are Cd’s which they have released more then 1 in the time of it being in the uk, (The music volume 1: Glee cast), (The music volume 2: Glee cast) + (Glee, the music:volume 3) and they are planning on bringing a christmas one aswell. There are also music books, posters, bags, clothing, umberellas, sheet music, membrebelia, ringtones + tickets. After season 2 they are going to bring out Wii games, Jewellerly and greeting cards.

”All of which is marketing speak for “we’ve got a bunch of products to flog you, please buy them”, although Marick was keen to stress that said merchandising would “reflect the creativity of the show”, adding that “we didn’t just want to slap a Glee logo on a shirt”.

i used search engines; Google and yahoo.

I personally think that cross media is a brillant way of expanding beyond a show. It effectivly encourages people to view, know and remember glee. It also brings more money and poplularity to the tv series ‘glee’ especially with having simular shows/series having cross media e.g. High school musical 1,2 +3.

Within this assignment i am going to use both primary research (I have found myself) and secondary research (examining and using other peoples). For my primary research i am going to produce a survey using ‘survey monkey’ ( my survey i am going to include open, closed and multiple choice questions so i have some variety in my work.It will include both Qualitive and Quantive data. I feel that it is important to produce different ranges within my survey opinions and yes/no answers, multiple choice questions would also work well in my survey as it is neccessary that people arn’t limited to a basic answer nor given the chance to list their opinion, but for me as a researcher to establish that the public want variety in my survey, and by using mutiple choice i am creating a middle point whereby the public arnt held down to a a choice of 2 answer nor to talk freely about what they think,  as a basic survey has a tendency to be slightly boring therefore I wouldn’t want people to not take my survey and as a result not have the research that i wanted.

I have chosen to use surveys to find my data because i feel that it is an ideal and relevant way to get my research . I can produce the data i had found into graphs, this would be good as i feel that graphs are a excellent and easy way to gather information together. Graphs are also a clear and popular way of viewing grouped information, they can also be made to stand out eg adding colour, different font styles and the layout can also be made interesting.

There are many different advantages by using a survey to research information. Firstly, it is a cheap and quick way of getting information. This is necessary to me as i havn’t got alot of spare money, nor have i got plently of time on my hands to spend researching. Within the short space of time i have i would also, reach a large amount of people, this is vital because the more information i have the more accurate my overall predictions are and, the more i will have to compare at the end of this assignment. As a way of comparing my data I am going to present my research into graphs as it is a clear, simple and professional way to represent data. Surveys are very easy to transfer the information onto a graph.

Although, surveys are generally cheap they can become quite expensive because of the printing, envelopes, posting. Also, surveys can end up producing alot of paper and it is easy to loose track of the information you have. Surveys tend to be quite basic and therefore, doesn’t produce alot of detail mainly quantative information nor, there reason for answering that question.  As i am researching glee and the type of music that the public would like included in glee production. I think it would be very important to have some idea of why people chose that particular answer therefore, in the future you could revise on the research that you’ve found and get a rough idea of why certain age groups would prefer this or that.

Interviewing is another popular way to research information however, I am not going to be researching information this way as it can become extremely time consuming and i would have to consider mine and the participants time when questioning. It is also known to cost a lot and is a generally expensive way to research information. Interviewing also requires alot of effort and you cant reach as many people as for example, surveying. Although, you can record interviews (this then requires video cameras, camera men and equipment), people can still choose not to participate effectively. Which is a total waste of time, organising and hard work. However, you can not convert the data into graphs which is an overall effective way of producing and comparing research.

Nevertheless, interviewing can give you qualitative rich data, many people don’t mind doing an interview as they feel it is a way of being ‘herd’. The public like to think that there opinion counts and matters therefore, many would cooperate in an interview. The main attraction to interviewing for a researcher besides the quality of the information, is that it can be done anywhere no limits to where an interview can be recorded for example many have been done on boats in the middle of the ocean, sky diving etc…

Although the overall information is of a better quality and, alot more informative. I think that a survey would be a better form of research to achieve the data i want. Its simpler, less costly, easy to transfer into a graph and doesn’t take as much time. This is vital information to consider when researching.

I have also chosen to not use focus groups although many people are willing to to participate(no limit) as they are overall more fun and you can get paid. People’s opionion and views can be easily ‘lead’ by other people in there focus group. It is very easy to identify your sample more quickly from the start e.g.. age/gender/ethnicity. Although, it would take a huge amount of organising which, would become extremely time consuming. Also, the data cannot be entered into a graph however, it can be recorded which provides Qualitative information. Even though it isn’t necessary the best way for example, if you wanted to compare lots of data together. Nethertheless, even though focas groups are very expensive, time consuming and requires alot of organsing it is fair to say that they are overall a very effective and popular way of gathering information together today.

Therefore, my decision for choosing a survey to research my information as i feel it is the most effective taking in the cost, time and organsization. I also feel that it would be the most revelent way to gather my information as i am going to produce and compare my secondary data using graphs.  I am happy with the decision of producing a survey as it would all depend on the questions i choose to ask. I find that i would need to take into consideration the variety of targetmarkets and i will appropriatly word my questions and answers (mulitple answers) depending on this + will be interested to find out the views and opionions on what songs people would like to see included in Glee.


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