David Hockney Research*

DAVID HOCKNEY – British painter, print maker, photographer, designer and draughtsman. :]

David hockney is an artist who was born in 1937 on the 9th July in the town of Bradford. His mum was called laura hockney and his father was called Kenneth hockney. David hockneys’ parents were strict methodists and therefore, david hockney would regulary attend a weekly sunday school at his local church.

At sunday school rather then joining in singing, reciting prayers he would be drawing images of what he thought jesus to look like.

There family was a ordinary everyday working class family who had high ambitions and wanted the best regarding David’s education.

When david hockney was growing up he had a tendancy not to care what people thought or said about him. Generally he would get on with what he wanted to do.

After David Hockey had gained a scholorship to the Bradford Grammar school he realized that ‘art’ was what he wanted to do for a career. Twiddling his thumbs in most of his other subjects with boredom as he was uninterested. He wanted to transfer to the Regional College of Art. Sadly for Hockney this was disallowed and disappointingly ended up with bad grades and a slight bad attuide towards his teachers.

Bradford Grammar School

(left to right) John Loker, Norman Stevens, David Oxtoby, David Hockney in the Common Room at  Bradford Regional College of Art, 1956

After finishing at Bradford he then eventually was able to attend the Regional College of Art To take the National diploma in Design. David Hockney settled in extremely well here, he became a very sociable person and was liked among many. His work became very bold, abstract and quite personal. He always took major pride in ‘finishing’ his work to his own perfection. Although, he never was the romantic type he didn’t show any sexual interests however, with many of his friends would often go and see shows such as art and theatre as he enjoyed these very much. As a focused and stable student he managed to successfully finish with honors.

David Hockney was now positivly sure that art was his passion and two years later applied and succeeded getting into the Painting School in the Royal College where he and family had hoped that he would gain national attention as an artist. Hockney was a serious and devoted student, however, his main effort was into painting. During his first term, he experimented with more abstract styles, but he felt unsatisfied with that work, still thinking up some of  his own styles.

Not only when attending the Painting School at Royal College did he find his talent, style and techniques. He also was happy and as quoted ‘i was aware when growing up as a child’ with the fact he was attracted to other men and no woman. He was confident, and felt able to inform people he was gay. David Hockney began creating and involving art with words such as “queer” and ‘unorthodox lover”.

Hockney had sold his first paintings in New York, summer of 1961 and befriended Andy Warhol. Presently a well known, fantastic and creative artist who produces outstanding work.

In the mean time, he finished his studies at the Royal College and received considerable attention from critics, professors, and peers at several student shows.
He was awarded the gold medal for outstanding distinction at the convocation and ended his college career on  tremendously good note.

David Hockneys only apparent ‘true love’ was Peter Schlesinger. At only 19 years of age Peter was everything hockney could have wanted in a man, partner and lover. David hockney was devoted and began many drawings and paintings of the informal relationship between the two of them. He would also take endless shots of Schlesinger, mostly for fun, but also for study.
There relationship was very intimate and Peter also wanted and appricated David’s guidance.

Nevertheless, in 1971 David Hockney and Peter Schlensinger had broke up. The age difference has been causing a few vibes and Peter felt that he needed independence and more room to grow.

After the break David Hockney had continued to produce content painting and further more liked to showcase his work in many exhibitions. This was once again another learning curve for David. His work had gained much favourable esteem and major attention all over the world. Critics instantly recognized the power and brilliance of his art. From this day i will always feel that David Hockneys art is stylish, creative, breathtaking and individual. Presently, David Hockney much appreciates and admires the land and air of Yorkshire and basis’s many of his ‘new art’ around it.

‘Wold Gate Wood’, East Yorkshire. On the 17th June 2006 was recently donated to Tate modern art gallery in London.

It is a peice glorious work, not only because of its honesty also, about the conditions of his creation.

David Hockney’s studio now adays, is just a room in his house, with a view over the town. It’s bizarre to think

of him creating this phernominal painting with such little work space. However remember that, he also has spacious facilities in Los Angeles. From researching i am not quite such if he made this picture piece by piece in Yorkshire, or finished it in LA. But the surroundings of yorkshire are full of glistening country sideand colourful nature producing pure beauty that david hockney manages to relate to in all of his yorkshire paintings.

David generally believes ‘that painting must renew itself by confronting nature’. When putting his easel up he is always set out to paint in a pure and honest way that reflects and shows in his amazing art.

East Yorkshire first engaged Hockney’s imagination as a teenager when he used to work on the land stocking corn during his summer holidays. However, Hockney has only been fully absorbed by the landscape within the last several years now making it the primary source for his inspriration to art. He is ultimatly attracted by the glistening light, empty and open space.

Hockney would drive to his chosen destination and would generally sit there for a couple of hours to examine the landscape and absorb the view. His observations are to capture exactly the essence of what he sees. David Hockney would also often use watercolours to create his artwork as he was able to work quickly capturing exactly what he wanted and often found within Yorkshire.

This is a selection of several other paintings that David Hockney has produced over his life.


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