Plant Joiner


We were sent out with basic digital cameras around college. To find objects to produce a joiner out of. I tried to vary my ideas and add some variety into my work. This is a joiner of a dying plant at Northampton College, Booth Lane. However i liked the few leaves that had stayed on it. I feel it worked well as it brings a different splash of colour. I used photo shop yet again to edit my pictures.

I originally had taken approximately 4-8 pictures. Firstly i resized all my images down so they were the same height and length as each other as i feel that is important for the presentation. Keeping the resolution at 300 on each picture. I soon realized that i didn’t take enough pictures to produce a good joiner. As my other joiners had been quite simple, (besides the library joiner), i wanted another detailed one to widen my assignment. After resizing my images i created a plain white background to place my images onto.

I started to use the crop tool, choosing what sections/parts i wanted to create into a new picture. I cropped a few images in the end and resized them to the same as the other images. I found they slotted in with my other pictures well.

I found myself adjusting and moving the ‘layers’  around a lot and altering them around to see which would be the best arrangement. Eventually i became satisfied. Although, one part of my joiner is a slightly different tone to the rest. I feel that it reflects the light outside well although, a change in tone stands out to much in this joiner and draws attentions to that part rather than the joiner as a picture. If i was to do this again i would defiantly attempt to alter and make my joiners the same shades.

This is my favourite joiner out of all the ones i had produced over this assignment. However, i had most trouble creating this one. I originally was going to produce this as a simple joiner with only a few parts however i thought about ways to gain more pictures and it was to late to go out and take some more pictures. It would of been very diffucult as you have to keep the same distence when taking each individual picture. Therefore, i decided to crop parts of the original photos i had taken to create new ones. It was quite tricky as i had to percifically slot in more parts and insure they particially match up. I am very happy with how this joiner had turned out. I feel that the effort i have put into it has shown.

Overall i feel that slight movement has been created as the slant on the tree and the way i have slotted the images together added to that effect. I also chose to do a plant to reflect David Hockneys ‘Yorkshire’ paintings. I wanted to try and capture nature in the way that he does. I do feel that it resembles Hockney’s work slightly as it is not precise and i tried to make parts appear different. For example, the height of the plant appears slightly longer as i decided to cut off the bottom of the plant pot.




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