Evaluation For Photography Assignment Joiners

Evaluation and Conclusion For Joiner Assignment


What I Have Studied In This Assignment

In this assignment we had to learn how to produce a joiner, ‘take several pictures of parts of an object’, location or person etc…. To take our images we was given a digital camera to photograph with. When taking images for our joiners we had to include parts of the previous image in with the next picture. This is vital as it wouldn’t come together as one image. It wouldn’t join or connect. Although, you can produce timeline joiners whereby it is a ‘time sequence’. Pictures are taken from different periods of time. These can also be effective. I have also learned that David Hockney came up with the idea of joining several images together and the idea of creating movement is involved. David Hockney had founded this technique within photography accidentally. After going round the college we have to then produce our own joiners in a similar style to David Hockney. We edited our images on photo shop. After creating joiners, we had to evaluate and conclude them, showing how we made then by a few screen shots and step by step stages.

What Went Well

In this assignment i feel that my joiners turned out well and overall i am please with how they turned out. I tried to add variety into my work and am glad that, in my opinion have achieved this. From last year i have grown even more fond and interested in joiners and was more familiar with the process.This made it slightly easier and made me able to give a bit of advice about what to do to other students in my group.  I found using photo shop was less difficult and felt that i could edit my work slightly quicker. Although, a few minor problems still occurred i am satisfied with the outcome of my work.

As my work was graded, i wasn’t happy with the overall standard of my grade and work. Therefore within he last group i have put a lot of effort to improve this. I used secondary research to find out about David Hockney and rewrote his ‘biography’ into my own words. I also wrote more detailed and precise evaluations including camera, location and relating my work to the style of David Hockney’s’ joiners. Having more time to improve n my work has hopefully brought my work to a satisfactory standard.

What Went Badly

After my work was assessed by Matt White i realized that my work was not up to the grades that i was capable of doing. I feel that my grade went badly and was disappointed with my ‘joiner’ assignment. Therefore i noticed that i was need to going to put quite abit of effort in to improve on my grade.

Now i have restructured, rewritten and evaluated my work i feel it is to a better standard and am overall more pleased with it. Although I still feel that i could have included screen shots for all of my joiners however, unfortunately at the time i didn’t get as may as i now hoped. I should have included more work on David Hockney’s other work in my research rather than focus on his ‘Yorkshire Art’ although, this is the work hes producing now. I found that when taking the joiner images the weather was bad and cold and my joiners may have turned out better within a different light. On a couple of my final joiners i have a slight colour problem whereby one section on the joiner is lighter than the rest of my pictures. I did attempt to used the burn tool unfortunately it didn’t plan out as well as i thought.

What Were My Strengths

My strengths in this assignment were my timekeeping unlike last year i have managed to improve my work and hand it in on time. I feel that this is important as deadlines are vital and may effect my grades. Also, i used my own time well to improve on my work and make it better. I am fond of my joiners and feel they are varied and different. I also tried to relate my work to David Hockney and feel that there is a slight resemblance there. I felt more confident using photo shop this year and felt i could produce another joiner because i was able to be more efficient and quicker. I also feel that my research turned out to be a interesting and readable peice of information. My attendance for photography has also improved alot since last year and am inteending on keeping it up.

What Would I Improve On

If i were to do this again, i feel i would produce more joiners of my own and also, group joiners. I would spend more effort when handing my work in rather than regretfully getting a fereral. When putting my work together i found that i was unorgansied within my blogs and wether i had posted them or not. Also, in lesson time i felt myself occasionally drifting away from the work and not doing alot. Nethertheless, although i am pleased with how my joiner turned out, i feel i could have improved on writing and screen shots. When writing i could have checked my spelliing better, explained more and include more necessary things. With my screen shots  i felt that i could have produced more.


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