Group Timeline Joiner

Group Time Line Joiner



This is my group time line joiner. Me, Elliot, Jon, Jack and Josh created this joiner. We was wandering round college deciding on what to do and noticed this cola delivery lorry parked outside the canteen. As a group we agreed on producing a time line of this lorry. The reason we chose to do a time line as we felt it would be easier for us all to join in and participate. Therefore, we each took it in turns to take a picture using a digital camera.

Overall, i feel that this time line joiner looks effective and neat. I like it and the idea of doing the delivery lorry. Although, we had the trouble of having to be quick as the bloke was doing his job. Also, politely he accepted permission when we asked him if it was okay to photograph him for an assignment. We resized the images using photo shop and then printed out the individual pictures. We then chose to back it onto a colour background to make bold and stand out more. We then all positioned the pictures in order onto the white paper. I am happy with how this turned out and enjoyed producing it as a group.

Nevertheless i was glad that we created a different type of joiner than last year as i like to try new techniques. If I was to do this again I would of preferred to increase the size of this time line unfortunately time was an issue in this case and, would of like to produce another style of joiner to add more work to this assignment.


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