Who Watches Glee!! – Task 2

Glee as you have already established is a surprisingly popular worldwide cross media production that has captured the eyes and ears of the public with a teen high school drama and musical combined into a tv series.

But Who Watches It?

In this part of my assignment i am going to dicuss viewing figures between e4 which is a digital channel and channel 4 which is a terestrial channel therefore is watched by a larger population. Glee was first shown on E4 in the uk on January 11th 2010 and got an satisfactory 1.14m viewers. Because it became so popular with the public and the huge media focas that it gained. The programme then went on the show on channel 4 a very well known and respectable tv channel. They then when on to inform us that, ‘Channel 4 said that it was the highest rating for an acquired show on E4 since an episode of Lost in August 2005.’

I predict that channel 4 will have have more veiws than what E4 or Channel 4+1 will have when viewing glee figures.



Here are a few opions on the song choice in glee, that i have reseached. This is some of my secondary research using search engine ‘www.bing.co.uk’

susansoussi | 05:12 EDT, 12 Sep,I thought the gold digger song was an awsome idea, since they kinda changed the arrangement, it was suitable for the glee club.

‘Susansoussi’ from their comment i have come to the conclusion that she feels modern day rnb music that has a slightly unusal beat fits in well with glee. I have also found that when glee changes a song slightly to suit there own style, the public like it.

marathon110 | 20:10 EDT, 17 Sep, I want to hear, a modern rock song turned into a choral arrangement.

crystallvndr | 17:11 EDT, 01 Oct,
I definitely love the idea of the show bringing in modern songs and putting some glee style into it. Also, having those, what I call, isolated music video moments make Glee worth watching!
‘In light of Coldplay having second thoughts and finally agreeing to offer up their song catalog to Glee, gleeky fan that I am, I’ve been letting my imagination run wild thinking up the Coldplay song possibilities. Because of my crazy writer-nature, naturally I’m always thinking of which songs are more “character-fitting”
by TANYA on JUNE 18, 2010
This person in perticular would like to see coldplay songs sung in the Glee production. They was happy that coldplay had allowed permission for ther song to be played by the Glee cast. I also found that they prefer songs to fit and resemble the chartacters personaltiys and storylines. This peice of research is also up to date and present opionions which is, i feel, important to include.
After secondary researching into what songs people want to hear in glee. I then went onto use ‘www.barb.co.uk’ to look at and compare viewing figures for glee on different channels. These are my results for the viewing figures of glee on E4. alii – e4. There was the viewings and graph for E4. Hopefully from the graph you can see the E4 managed to maintain a satisfactory and consistent amount of views. It was watched by thousands of uk residents every week. Managed to amazing create a wide cross media sales and continues to draw there viewers weekly with pleasing shows.
Unfortunatly i had slight trouble finding the views for channel 4 using http://www.barb.co.uk. Therefore i wasn’t able to get all of the research i wanted.
Because of this i decided to look at various websites and social networking sites to see how popular glee really is.
  • Firstly i visited facebook this is popular with thousands of members and a well known website worldwide. I searched ‘glee’. On the glee fan page there was an outsanding 9,319,375 friends/fans.
  • Ialso visted the ‘Glee Forum’ this is a website made up for fans and glee information and opinions. This had 22684 members.

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