Glee Graphs

After gathering together and analysing my glee results. I used microsoft excell to place my results into graphs. I would find this easier to compare my overall results.

Book3 1

Conclusion for graphs on age and attraction to glee.

  • As you can see from this primary research I have done, most people was aged 16 -20. This is unforunate as my overall results may now become slighlty biased. I would have been better if people of all ages had took my survey as it would have been a fair result. I feel that using the internet to create my survey had played an important part involving my results as many teens are more likely to use the internet on a daily basis, i also used facebook to produce a link to my survey. My friends are all rufly between 16 – 22 therefore this would was lightly expected. If i was to do this again i would post my survey onto a wider more vercitale website whereby i could manage to recieve feedback from all ages.
  • I have found from this graph that most people find that the song choice, which 44.40% of people, attracts them to watch glee. I tried to vary my answers to cover what is involved in the glee production by including the storyline and actors etc..

The next graph i made was of the question ‘What do you think to the songs in glee ?’.  Here were the results… song choices in glee. I found that most people liked the song choices in glee or found them okay. I also followed on by asking people ‘which three of these 12 radonmly selected songs sang from the glee cast did/wpu;d you like to hear again?’ I put the results into a graph and as follows… Excel xx

Ihave found out from these results that most people that took my survey wanted to here i kissed a girl by Katy Perry, Poker Face by lady gaga and somebody to love by Queen. These are either a classic rock or a modern pop, these genres have also cropped up alot in my survey.


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