Glee Results Analysis

In this assignment i was given the task to carry out my own primary research. For my research i produced a survey by using an on-line survey maker called, ‘Survey Monkey’.  I thought it would be a good idea to produce a survey as i was able to have a choice over the questions, and this enabled me to find out specific information which would be relevant when wanting to compare the public view on the song choices in the Glee Production.

I wasn’t entirely sure on how to use survey monkey at first. Although,  i got the hang of it pretty quickly and am now overall  quite confident when using it.  However, i feel that i was limited to the amount of questions that could be asked even though i am aware that surveys cannot become to long as people are less likely to fill them in and get bored.

This is my survey using

I varied my questions and answer boxes as i wanted to produce qualitative and quantitative data. I feel this is vital when researching because both informative and direct answers are important as overall my work will become more diverse and interesting. The variety of open and closed questions are also necessary.

So far 27 people have taken and completed my ‘what songs to you want to see in glee production’ survey. The Information i have gathered from this is as follows;

Out of 27 people 15 were males (55.6%) and 12 were females (44.4%).  I included a ‘rather not say’ option as some people might be uncomfortable with there sexuality e.g transvestites. I think it is important when producing a survey to make sure everyone can be included and there are appropriate answers for everyone. I am happy with the response as the males:females are roughly the same amount which overall would make my survey less bias to a certain gender and the result would be fairer.

My second question was asking peoples age. You need to know this basic information about people as it is very important when analyzing my results that i can compare gender and age. It plays a huge part in peoples opinions and views. Especially when concluding a American teen high school series. Which plays modern and up to date music. Unfortunaly my results for age wasnt as varied as i had hoped unlike the gender. The majority of people

As you can see from this piece of information the majority of people aged 16 – 20. This may be because Glee story line and actors/actress  most popular for that age generation or the 16 – 20 year old or more fond of the music/ songs played in glee. I have found from researching into songs played throughout the glee series that many of them are modern and generally youthful songs.

Next i had asked the question ‘what music do you listen to on a daily basis’, this was question 3. I asked this question as i feel it is very important to understand a persons preferred genre beforehand as there answer will more likely to be bias to that specific type and could possible be necessary when analysing my results. I feel this question was effective I decided to do this as a Qualitative, open question where by people could answer freely. I thought this would be effective as many people listen to a few different styles of music. In total 24 people answered and unfortunatly, 3 people had skipped. In a way i personally think that some people may prefer a closed Quantative Data question as it leads them in and strangly can force them to answer.

Overall from studying and analysing the results for question 3, i had found out that the majority of people that had answered this question listened to R n B and rock. Although, clubland & dance cropped up a lot. I feel that this possibly because 16 – 20 year olds are generally more into music and the charts, they also are more prone to going clubbing. I feel that this may have effected the music genres given. If i was to do this survey again i would post links on a website that attracts the older person. This would make these results more even and fair.

For my forth question i asked ‘do you watch glee on channel 4, channel 4+ 1 or e4?’  I felt that when researching information about glee this would be a effective question to ask.  22 people answered this question and 5 people skipped. My responses were Channel 4 which was 54.5 % and 12 people had answered. Channel 4+ 1 was 22.7& and 5 people answered and, E4 was 50% were by 11 people had answered. I have found from this information that by a difference of 1 person more people watch glee on channel 4.  However E4 is also quite popular. One person also pointed out that they watch glee on 4OD.

I then asked, ‘How often do you watch glee’. This was a Quantative (closed question). I asked this as i wanted to find out how interested the people were in glee and have a ruff idea of how well they knew the series. Everyone, 27 people answered this question, which i am pleased about. My results were as follows.  Every time its on had 22.2% and 6 people answered this. Regularly had 7.4% and 2 people had answered this. Often has 3.7% and 1 person who had responded. Also, Sometimes which had 14.8% and 4 people. Rarely had 11.1% and 3 people had answered. Although unfortunatly 12 people that had answered my survey Never watches glee, a total of 44.4%. Even though the data is not what i wanted to recieve i am still glad i asked this question as i now know that just under half of the total 27 people that watch glee on 12, which is just underhalf never watch it. This means that they don’t know a lot about the glee production TV series and the songs that are played.

Following on from that i had asked ‘what attracts you to glee’ for this question i had created a varied and interesting answer style where people can answer both qualitative and quantative data from a mulitple choice to freely giving a opinion. My multiple choice answers were songs which got 44.4% and had 12 clicks. there were 8 people who had answed singing with 29.6%. Actor/acteresses and story line also had 8 people answer with 44.4%.  For my qualitative data i used other where 6 people wrote what other things attracts them to glee. 22.2% of people had done this. This is whereby someone had written that they watch glee on 4OD. However most people simply put that they dont watch it and they find it to cheesy and predictable. Therefore most people find that the songs, actors and story line all attracts people to this popular TV series.

For my 7th question i asked ‘what do you think to the song choices in glee’. This is obviously a very important question as some people may be happy with the present songs choices and it would be ideal research to understand actually how good these random people think the song choices are in glee. My multiple choice, closed question answers are, great which had a total of 23.1% and 6 people think that the song choice is great. 23.1% (6 people) also thought that the song choice in glee is good and okay. Only 5 people (19.2%)said that it was not very good. Although only 3 said it was bareable with a good 11.5%. Finally 4 people with 15.4% of 27 people 100% said that they can’t listen. From this information, i have found that the majority of people are satisfied with the current song choice in glee at the moment. However, there are still a wide amount of people who would prefer something different, mixed and edgy. Although, this could also be affected by their everyday choice of music or their age.

For question 8 i had decided to then ask ‘Does the music you like to listen to on a daily basis, reflect the music you want to hear from the glee cast?’ i tried to link my question slightly to the question before as i want the resopndant to be intersted and drawed in to complete my survey. For this question i chose to use a multiple choice table. I found that it was a different setup and looked smart, it also still fitted in well with all the other questions and answer boxes. My multiple choice answers were; Definatly 8.0% (2), Mostly 32.0% (8), A bit 16.0% (4), Occasionaly 28.0% (7), Not at all 28.0% (7). The average count was 16.4% (4) and there was 25 people in total who had asnsered question 8. I also had allowed a opinion. I had wrote ‘Briefly Explain (optional). I put optional as i wanted the people to feel that they had a choice. 7 people in total had written to this and i was very happy with the responses given. These were

Dont like the pop ones… the song choices…..Songs like Paramore could be really good but the heavier stuff wouldn’t work…..some of it…..if i wanted to see glee do heavy metel it would hilarious but attroctious. i mean com’on, can you see glee convering slipknot or disturbed lol

overall, i am happy with the responses that were given and now would like to see what kind of songs they  would want to hear in glee.

For the next question I had decided to carefully select a certain collection of songs some contain similar genres or of a similar style. Hoping to get a basic understanding of the type of music and song choices that people want to see in glee. I asked ‘Which three of these 12 randomly selected songs sang from glee cast did/would like to hear again?’ the 12 songs that i had selected from researching into songs played in glee through google search engine.

I kissed a girl – Katy Perry
55.6% 15
Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
14.8% 4
Poker Face – Lady Gaga
33.3% 9
Dream On – Aerosmith
14.8% 4
Somebody to Love – Queen
40.7% 11
I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
14.8% 4
I Say A Little Prayer – Dionne Warwick
7.4% 2
My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
22.2% 6
(Medley) Halo – Beyonce + Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & the Waves.
7.4% 2
(Medley) It’s My Life – Bon Jovi + Confessions Pt.2 – Usher
22.2% 6
Defying Gravity – Broadway Show ‘Wicked’
7.4% 2
I Dreamed a Dream – Les Miserables
14.8% 4

All 27 people had answered this question. I am not very suprised with the overall outcome as, some far i am already starting to notice that modern chart pop and rock songs are a favourite however, the odd old classic hear and there seems to pay off with the public.

My last and final question was’ What has been your favourite and least favourtie songs sang by the cast of glee in the last series? EXPLAIN WHY’

these are all qualitiative open questions.

my first part of this question was your ‘favourite’  from my found primary data i have realized that the majority of people that tool my survey wanted chart soft rock songs and also a but of edgy pop. Some of my responses were..kelly clarkson – my life would suck without you..cindy lauper-true colours..lady gaga-poker face..journey – dont stop believing. These are just just several of the response that i had got.

This part was followed by, ‘Why is it’, the response i got from this was good. these are some of them..modern singer..fond of aero smith..classic,up beat tune, because i love queen and theres nothing much else i like from glee..its got attuide and its a good song..if its even remotely like the original it will be a good song.
The second part of this question is ‘Least favourite’  again i am happy with the responses that i got and feel that i have analysed them myself well. They are..i dreamed a dream..i kissed a face..ill stand by you.. religious song..i say a little prayer.  I found this information slightly surprising as i felt that people would prefer a pop/rnb style over many others but it may not seem that way.

Again, i then asked why as i would like to find out and have them expand on there first answer. These are.. to old and diffucult to pull off..makes you feel depressed..hate the song and kayne..slow and boring and would prefer something upbeat..irritating song. So therefore overall people generally like to hear upbeat and cheeful songs rather then slow. Also, songs with a good beat and a bit indivual but not to different.


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