Advert, Drafts & Conclusion

Final Advert & Drafts


When producing this advert i used a software called indesign, where by you can freely design adverts, leaflets and posters etc..

I found in-design fairly easy to use. I also found the lesson where we was showed how to use it helpful and therefore i could user it quicker and found it easier. I like my advert and am pleased with the overall look. I feel that the advert clearly states what soothie smoothie is. Its clear and layed out efficiently with spaces therefore its easier to notice. Its not cramped or cluttered with too much information nor is it, too simple and plain which isn’t eye catching. The font is an okay size although, i could have tried different colours and angles. The information that is included is important and will help sell the product. The slogan is also very eye catching and i used the word ‘heart’ as that is the one thing that people think of in a good way or a healthy way.

The background image is really good and represents the drink nicely. I am fond of the crushed berrys falling down into it. Therefore people will think of it being fresh, ripe fruit.

I would alternate the colours as i would have preferred it slightly lighter to suggest naturalness, freshness and goodness. It would have also, matched the title ‘Soothie’ as we should of used a calm and subtle colour.

I decided to produce an advert like this as i feel it relates well to the type of drink (smoothie), target market, modern style and would stand out on billboards, banners etc..

Overall i feel that this assignment went well because i liked the smoothie idea that i had come up with and also, the ideas that were given about money costs to style and layout form the group. I think that we all inputed fairly and worked well as a group. We planned things well and came up with important issues.  Our final products turned out well and i am satidfied with the my final advert.

However, if i were to do this again i would use the feedback that got given to me by my peers and change the colour and ulter the slogan. As someone pointed out that ‘it doesn’t make complete sense’. Unfortunatly it was to late to change it. Also, i am very dissapointed that i handed my work in late and missed the deadline and this played a huge inpact on my overall grade. Therefore i feel it has a big input in this assignment.

Our discussion towards the end of this assignment may have lacked slightly and we should have dicussed things better such as, advert ideas, advert issues and features + benefits.


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