Evalution Of Music Video

In this music video assignment we each were separated and moved into groups where by we were asked to come up with a music video. The music video consisted of creating ideas, planning a story board, deciding on a song and producing a film. Also, we would be using a software called Final Cut Pro to edit our film footage on.

firstly, as a group we discussed what genre songs that we could use and here are some that we had came up with

  • Rock – thriller/horror
  • R n B- everyday story line
  • Classical – sad/adventure
  • Pop – Comedy
  • Blues – musical
  • Reggae – Journey
  • Techno – adventure

We then decided on the song we wanted to choose, after deliberating we had come up with ‘My Girl By The Temptations’.

We then had to come up with a story based around that song. As in a music video the ‘song’ is the main part and the video generally has to compliment what the songs about.

We decided on having a young boy waking up in the morning, going about his daily chores e.g cleaning teeth and college. Although, this boy is extremely fond of a particular girl and is shy about saying anything to her. By using the phrase ‘My Girl’ from the song we are going to entwine a song and our own story to produce a music video.

Originally i feel i had a large input into the ideas that were going into our music video.The ideas were, of a boy going about his everyday life however, the important ‘woman’ in his life would be in the video. They would light up (edit) when the boy sees his female family or girl he likes when the words ‘my girl is said’. However, we had slightly changed it as a group and improved on it.

I think that overall the story and script is okay. We could have still improved on it by adding a few more scenes and making it more interesting.

Throughout the filming we should have got more footage originally and changed the angles from maybe a mid shot to a pan or, a wide into a tilt. We should have experimented more. As we didn’t shoot enough film we unfortunately had to go back and re shoot more footage to involve into our music video. We found that we didn’t vary the shots enough therefore as a group we had to experiment more with angles. However, we stuck to the basis of our storyboard and shots. We used it as a guidance.

The shots we thought to include were as follows.

  • Mid – Shot
  • Pan – shot
  • Tilt – shot
  • Wide – Shot
  • Close up
  • Medium Close Up
  • Extreme Close Up
  • Cut – in
  • Cut Away
  • Over the shoulder shot
  • Noddy Shot
  • Point Of View Shot

Although, we didn’t include all of these shots i feel that we did include a variety and varied our angles quite well and in the end was producing several takes of the same shot so we could choose the best one when editing.

When shooting it was also vital that we left a 3 second break before and after so we could include effects such as cross dissolves etc…

I found the editing wasn’t to difficult as i was slightly familiar with using it from last year. When editing i came accross shortcuts such as…

  • [Cmd] 8 – Log & Capture, i used this to load my work up into final cut pro.
  • [Cmd] T – Cross Dissolve, this allowed me to combine to separate scenes together so they connect into 1. ( Need 3 second break before and after footage).
  • A – Arrow, this was my navigation tool
  • B – Blade, allowed me to cut footage
  • [Cmd]Shift. S – Save As, i used this to save my work under a file name and choose the location it would be saved to.

We also used many more shortcuts but there are just a few of them.

Unfortunately when saving some of our work, the computer would freeze or our work had been lost. This was a problem that cropped up several times throughout this music video assignment and therefore i feel that we lacked organization skills and should have been more organized when saving/finding work.

Throughout editing we tried to produce short, snappy interesting frames. However due to our song i do not feel that we could have shortened every scene but quite long fixed angles also, looked good. Therefore we varied them and included both.

Overall i feel that we worked well as a team although, problems occurred when people left our group. We only 3 of the original people therefore we had to explain story board/ideas and music. We didn’t let this distract us from the work. We each has a effective role and mostly all had a good input. When shooting we originally didn’t have enough footage however, as a group we re-shot some more and made the work more interesting. We each took it in turns to use the camera and some of us acted aswell we tried to make sure that everyone had a important role and was happy with it.

When editing i feel that we could have played around with the effects more and included a type of sepia/change of colour or tone to flow with the era of the song. However, we found that time was an issue towards the end and it would have been if we were given time to complete it. Although, unfortunately that wasn’t allowed. We experimented with shortcuts well and each used final cut pro to edit out footage. I was fond of editing the work as i find it interesting and became even more familiar with the shortcuts and layout of final cut pro.

We had kept the basic idea and structure of our storyboards and used different shots to add variety and interest into our music video. I am happy with how the song and video fit together and feel they relate well. I feel timing was an issue and next time will be more aware and organized. As a group we worked well although, it was difficult having to alter our group a few times. We all had input and done our roles well.


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