Roles Report

In this assignment we had different roles within our group. Unfortunately our group slightly got altered therefore our roles have changed.

Throughout this assignment the work that people have been involved in were…

  • Jamille – Jamille had a good input throughout this assignment and i found that we worked together well. He had done acting and was the main part. (I had filmed some of and created ideas for) he also participated in filming and gave creation of his ideas, which were useful.Also, he had done a bit of editing on final cut pro.  Therefore Jamille had been a Actor, Camera Man and Editor.
  • Sineade – Sineade she had also imputed well as she did a lot of filming and was acting a little. She played Jamille’s sister in our music video. She also slightly contributed to editing and helped give feedback on what we had done. I feel that i worked well with sineade. Therefore Sineade had been an Actress, Camera Woman and Editor.
  • Josh – Josh i feel could have contributed more, unfortunately he wasn’t there throughout the original planning and didn’t have as good understanding as me, Jamille and sineade.Although he still gave ideas on extras and improving. He was also absent a bit towards the end of the assignment and this effected his contribution to editing. I didn’t feel he was confident with the camera however he still tried and had a go. He could have done a little but of acting but that would of meant we would of had to have changed our script. Josh was happy with the roles he was given. Therefore Josh had been an Camera Man and produced some ideas.
  • Ciaren – Ciaren had joined our group as well as josh. Ciaren had really tried to understand the original ideas as best he could and gave quality ideas himself that we used within our assignment. When shooting Ciaren mainly instructed what camera angles to use and also, used the camera often. He also, reshooted added footage when we needed to have more footage to edit our music video with. When editing he was very informative and did some himself. He had also came back in with me to finish off the final video as unfortunalty, it wasn’t fully complete. I also felt that i worked very well with ciaren and he was a good team member. Therefore, he was Idea Input, Camera Man and Editor.
  • What I had done throughout this assignment was helped produce the original idea (came up with) however it has been altered and improved on since. Then together discussed shot methods and produced the story board. After producing the story board i helped finish off the comic storyboard that we had produced. Then our group went onto filming, i had a medium part of acting ( i played the girl that jamille liked and was fond of’. I tried to carry out this out to the best of my ability as i am not confident with acting yet. I also used the camera often and found that i was quite confident when using one. I imputed into improving and camera angles. Also advised that we take more than one piece of footage for the same scene as this is important. I edited quite a lot and felt that i did well when using ‘using the blade tool to cut up original footage in scenes’.  Therefore, i did Idea Input, Camera Woman, Editor and Actress.

We all worked well as a group and imputed. Me, Jamille and Ciaren also came back in to complete our video.


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