Music Video’s Research & Analysis

My first video is of Ke$ha – Blah, Blah,Blah. I decided to choose this video as the camera angles are mixed. The shots aren’t always specific and steady, they have been made to make the video look catchy and alive.The videoing style also compliments the song really well. In this music video from viewing it several times i have seen that there is a story line included about a young girl entering a club on a night out the sort of time she will have. They also changed the locations slightly, they are still all involved in the night out scene. I feel they did this to keep the people watching interesting. They have also edited the video to the beat on the song and these works ever so well. The colours throughout the video are mainly also party related. Mainly bright colours again dark background. They have also included random footage to make the music video more busy. At one point in the video they have included loads of flickering change of footage that words really effectively and matches the song perfectly. I feel that that section in particular would have been fairly difficult to produce and get precise. Towards the end of the song the camera cuts slow down, i feel that they have done this as the song has a slighty slower pace and i think it would have been to much. They have evened it out well and overall the the video is based around the song and entwines very well together.

The Man who can’t be moved is my next music video which i have chosen to analyze. This song is particularly slower than the first one. In this music video the cuts are at a lot slower pace. At the start It is the man walking down the street in this part, they have cut on the beat and shown a variety of shots. When the chorus comes on the editor has used a blurring techniques to emphasize him being on his own. They also have made the light bright which suggests honesty and meaning in what hes saying. They have also used a pan to show the environment around him on a few occasions i feel they have done this to suggest loneliness and a ordinary person. Throughout the song he also walks to the beat so the song flows. Overall, i think they have used a very good choice of camera angles and thought about the meaning of the song when editing. The colours are very normal and everyday, i feel that is the image they want to perceive.

For my third music video. For the first second of this music video starts off with a black screen. I feel that this is a good introduction and works particularly well with the beat and style. it also flows in well the the colour tones black and white and to the tune flickers between colour. Also in these first few frames they are beginning to show street life and an  general environment. As the singer kicks in, they show her in a medium shot however by the way she is positioned it appears to be a slight wide shot as well. However, i don’t feel it is. Throughout the next part of the song it still focus’s on everyday living and earning money also connecting well with the lyrics to the song. The black and white colour change still continues. They have also been using basic medium shots changing angles to the beat. This works well with the song type because its a steady song with strong lyrics. After that the next shot of the singer is a tilt up along her body. She is wearing neon clothes and the camera picks this up well. This is also effective as it presents the viewers with a sense of a confident, strong and urban style. A theme of money is also involved throughout the music video as images of money, tills, working,buying and kerching noises. Overall this music compliments the style and beat of ‘paper planes’ song. Also, creates a urban and everyday street life attuide that fits in very well with the song.

Next i analysized the music video to ‘Dead and Gone T.I. Ft Justin Timberlake’. This is quite a simply and steady tempo throughout and i also feel that the music in this song it contemporary and popular.At the beginning there are medium shots of the environment. The surroundings are plain, effortless, peaceful and calm. These are changing along with the beat. The camera then stays at a medium shot and shows the singers. However the effects and voices are more complicated. The following shot is of T.I in a car, this is a wide shot. The wide shot then is cross dissolved into a front on medium shot. Cross Dissolves are used again to soften the image changes and create a calm presence. A Pan shot is used to follow a car. Zoom out and cross dissolved are used again on Justin Timberlake.  Throughout the video parts of there everyday life are shown involving hanging with mates, smoking and fights. Towards the end a Tilt shot up is used to flow into another shot and i feel this works well overall. However once again is setting an urban theme. The people involved are also young and middle aged with may set a target market and become slight more favourable with the teenage generation. Throughout the video different settings change and surroundings vary. The beat is at a regular tempo and pace and the overall shots, and flow works great with the song.

Lastly i analysized’ Eminem We Made You’. This is a popular and great song with involves a quick tempo and a quality beat. Although in eminems music the words are more important so hopefully when analysizing i will find that the music video compliments the song and lyric well. The first shot of eminem is with a zoom he is dressed up as ‘Jessica Simpson’a celebrity he uses in his lyrics. As you can see already the music video is complimenting the lyrics. The zoom ends in a medium shot. Zoom is used a few shots later to center in on singer’ eminem’. This music video rely s on the beat to make the video works. Cross dissolves aren’t used as the song is emphasizing the bass and not softening it. The music video is aimed at a young target market however i that it is a bit overdone in shots. The flickering and effects are always done in time and on beat and overall cause the song and music video to compliment each other. The modern and bold colours clearly give this a fun and modern vibe. I am not overall keen on the music video but feel that the style and ideas are good and effective for the entire image.


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