Advertising Standards Agency

The Advertising Standards agency, or otherwise known as the ASA. The ASA regulate all of the UK’s independent advertising across all media aspects, this also includes marketing on-line (internet, websites). They work to ensure that all adverts produced are legal, honest, truthful and decent to the public eye. They do this by creating advertising codes. Advertising codes are layed down for all advertising companys, agencies and media owners to obide by and follow. There involve may different subjects to ensure they are socially being advertised. They rules ensure that advertising does not

  • Mislead, Harm or Offend.

Offend consists of many different factors, such as;                           Misleading may entail;

  • Violence                                                                                                       Compotitions
  • Inappropriate language                                                                       Suitability of age
  • Prejudice                                                                                                            Cost
  • Racism                                                                                                     Quality of product
  • Nudity                                                                                               Nutritional Information
  • Sexism                                                                                                   Promotional offers

The Advetising Standards Agency covers these points to help them conclude if a advert is unsociable and irrevelant or not.

First is, Is the marketing communication socially irresponsible,  Is it likely to encourage anti social behanviour, may it offend its audience, cause fear or distress without good reason, Does it show unsafe or unessary behaviour, finally, does it encourage people to break the law.

The system is a sign of a considerable commitment by the advertising industry to uphold standards in their profession. All parts of the advertising industry – advertisers, agencies and media – have come together to commit to being legal, decent, honest and truthful in their ads.

A few adverts i have studied before that had been banned were

  1. A Dolce and Gabanna advert was banned and highly criticised for instituting gang rape.
  2. Shakeiton agency had created over controversial ads advertising an everyday product.
  3. A campaign against anti – smoking and oral sex was taken too far when they had chosen to perceive a teenager carrying out a sex act when smoking. This gives the impression that if you smoke you are more likely to perform oral sex.          😐



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