Proposal – Budget

Budget –
photographer – A freelance photographer could, for a professional shoot cost anything between 500 – 1500. This would all depend on the experience and professional standard of the individual photographer. Hiring a freelance photographer would generally take some researching regarding his previous customer satisfaction and portfolio.
A photographer working for a company would generally be charging an hourly rate, this would again depend on the size of the company and the frequent number of clients. For a professional photographer within a relitivly good company would generally cost around 35-100 an hour.
Printing – There are many different forms of advertising and the cheapest is a billboard. The location of billboards including, towns and cities will vary when considering the overall cost. Although, on average billboards cost around 800-2500 a month. Therefore if you wanted to advertise on 10 -15 billboards you monthly cost would increase to around 25,000 which can work out to become a lot of money.
Radio advertising again depends on the location and which broadcaster you are wanting to advertise with.Although this is far from as cheap as what billboards are. You can decide exactly how you would like it to campaign your product. Also choosing times or how frequent your advert is broadcasted. Radio tends to result in the more frequent the better the advertising. Undoubtedly radio is one of the best marketing media’s you could use, but more economically than regionally. Also, the standard length of an ad being 30 seconds, the 10 second ads are approximately half the price of 30 second ads. Prices can vary from 150 pounds to 1000 pounds.
The cost of the preferred venue would ultimately depend on the location, size, offers, style, age and accommodation aspects etc.. I couldn’t really predict how much a venue would on average cost for a day. However my personal opinion (for the original Lady Million advert), would be approx 500 – 1000 a day, as there is not much involved or desired in particular for the advert.
Wardrobe Stylist and make-up artist, they are generally quite easy to find and employ. On average for a efficient and experienced person in this job role would cost around 200 pounds for a day. They would manage the clothes and make up for the model, following instructions from the client relating the style to the advert.
The model would be charging about 50 pounds to 1000 pounds. This all depends if she was a very well known model and the advertisers wanted to include celebrity endorsement. Also, her portfolio and experience. A model has to fit the part and if a professional company would be a after a certain style they may find themselves paying slightly more. Again, this depends on freelancing or model agency. Although i feel freelance may be less unlikely and companies want efficiently and certainty.
Props are an extra expense and the amount, size and quality of the props will of course determine the overall cost. The brand and location in which it has been purchased will also hugely effect this. You can pay anything for 20 pounds to 1000 on probs generally. All comes down to the style of the advert and what the companies wants it to involve.
Technicians for lighting, cameras or general issues can also be costly. Generally only one is required to confidently carry out any interruptions with equipment and will cost around 100 -500 a day.

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