Evaluation Of Lady Million Advert

what was involved during this assignment

For this assignment i had to explain different advertisements in terms of content, style using technical reference to precise and detailed examples also, create and present an imaginative idea of an advert for an advertisement of our choice.  I  had to consistently uses appropriate techniques and technology uses photo-shop editing software to create our advert. The advert must clearly realize intentions and purpose.
For the communications aspect of this assignment we had to clearly communicate information and ideas within our group discussions in a confident manner. Using a Prezi or PowerPoint software to effectively create a well structured presentation, ensuring that we interact in a fluent manner. These will be shown using video evidence that has been recorded to be individually assessed on.

What went well

I feel that many things have gone reasonably well throughout this assignment. I think that our group worked good and communicated effectively throughout the planning as we all imputed unique and structured ideas which consisted of a wide variety. When we was discussing the ideas that we needed to input into our advert, we all participated well and improved and complimented on each others. We helped each other and advised individuals on their own unique adverts, such as..how to improve or what look ideal. We all agreed on the idea to keep the colour themes as it played an important role to the brand and product. We respected one another’s opinions and tried to include everyone’s in the best suitable way.
I also thought that the shooting for the advert image had gone well, we all worked professionally and included a wide range of shots. The photos that had been taken related extremely well to the style that we each wanted to undergo for our adverts.
The final thing that i found went noticeable well was the consistency yet variety included in our final adverts. They all flowed and enter-wined with each other representing the perfume name, brand and slogan efficiently in an eye catching way. We kept the colour theme of black and gold the same which related precisely to the original ‘Lady Million’ Paco Rabanne adverts, therefore they all are complimentary of each other. The slogan was also kept the same which i personally feel is a professional and important technique to maintain the same. It interlinks our adverts together well. Although, we all managed to create a different style of advert, with a general different layout design, these create differences and show our own individuality well.

What could be improved

I feel that my techniques in photo-shop could have been more professional, although i was starting to overcome the more difficult techniques towards the end of editing my advert. I also feel that i should had produced more screen shots during the making of my advert, as this caused me to have slight difficulties when demonstrating exactly what i had done and the tools i had used. I feel i would have liked to spend more time experimenting with glow and other text editing tools around the title or brand etc… This would have consequently provided me with more screen shots as-well. When filming i would have taken more care with the product e,g cleaning it and shimmering up the gold to avoid fingerprints as well as, to think of the positioning of the photographer when taking the advert images as there is a slight reflection on the surface of the bottle.

If i was to do this assignment again what would i change

If i were to do this assignment again i would mostly change my timing. I feel that i may have struggled slightly with the deadline, however, because i had stayed up very late to complete this i had successfully got it finished. But would defiantly manage my time more appropriately to the assignment set next time. When photographing i would have preferred a black back drop, this would have certainly been more efficient to our colour theme and structured ideas.
I would have of gained myself more practice using photo shop, so i would have been familiar and aware of the amount of techniques and tools that are on offer. I would have also rehearsed more efficiently for the presentation on our perfume although i feel we all performed with good content, it would have been more clear and professional for us to have learnt the points and justifications of the product before hand. Also, not have changed our product from accessorize, to lady million, we should have thought more about the unique style that the perfumes contains. We could have done this by researching and viewing a selection of varied adverts before starting would have been more knowledgeable.

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