My Final Advert For Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million’

This is the advert that i have produced for Lady Million Paco Rabanne. I am happy with how the final advert has turned out. I feel it is very bold and eye catching and clearly states what the product is. I also feel that it demonstrates the brand and individuality of the product well. I have chosen to keep the use of colours that apply throughout the paco rabanne fragrance adverts. I feel have used particular relating golds and blacks to flow very well to the style of Paco Rabannes colour theme. I feel it was important that I maintained the consistency throughout, as it plays such a strong recognition of the brand itself. I feel that the lighting on the bottle creates a more glistening diamond appeal, which also demonstrates the edgy rigid style as well.
I had slightly softened the title of the perfume to attract it more to the female target market, I felt this added a touch of femininity and variation within the tools and structure that has been used within my advert. I did consider placing/editing a glow around the ‘Lady Million’ title. However, ultimately I thought it would have been to similar and a little over the top. The style that my advert contained complimented the image and target market for the feminine perfume lady million. These were aspects of glamour, sophistication, femininity, modern yet versatile approach. This was directed for the different ages that could be purchasing/involved within this product. I feel the gold glitter that we designed and thought of ourselves, creates a glamorous and rich feeling, the angle in which the bottle has been situated brings a sophisticated imagery and the choice of text brings out the modern yet versatile aspect of this perfume. The editing that i have produced and created within my advert using Photoshop such as, e.g. the glow creates a bright, fun and youthful sense enterwing with the smart or sophisticated other styles are placed to provide important and vital snaps of information.
I also created a rectangular shading block around the brand name, I included the word exclusive. Personally i thought this would encourage people to feel lady million contains a desired amount of importance or limitation. This would persuade or attract woman to purchase this product quicker and possibly more.
I changed the layout of the traditional lady million print advert and used the perfume bottle as the centre piece rather than the writing although, I kept the perfume bottle directed to the right, slightly off  centre. I thought this was effective when viewing and examining the original advert and feel my changes work just as well managing to create a distinctive and powerful layout. In my opinion this advert contains eras of strength, structure and certainty.
I had asked several peoples opionion on what they thought to my overall final advert. I wanted to gather some secondary advice and comments.
Although, I have asked a several different people, pro’s and con’s may crop up twice depending on peoples comments.
These were, – What Went Well and What Did They Like, also
– What Would They Change and Weren’t Particularly Keen On
The advice and responses I got for each individual questions are the following..
What Went Well and What Did They Like
  • They were fond of the glitter floor and the way then it results in shining onto the bottle creating a more sparkly base also, found it created a glamourous feel.
  • The writing styles, they thought contained a good mixture and variety to the content. Also, the font stood out and was clear and easy to read, at a quick glance also.
  • They mentioned liking the banner, saying ‘it was a good idea and brings out a stylish effect’, they also said the words exclusive were very effective.
  • Some people mentioned that my advert was proportioned well, having everything in sight and easilynoticeable, and added I had included a good layout and structure within my advert.
What Would They Change and Weren’t Particularly Keen On
  • Someone had mention they disliked the writing for ‘Lady million’ I think this may have been because it is very bold and stern.
  • Also, the glow on the slogan they did not feel that it flowed in with the rest of my design.
  • It had been suggest that I could have made my advert slightly darker. I would have done this by changing the ‘Brightness’or, ‘Saturation’ tools.
  • It had also been suggested that the brand name ‘Paco Rebanne’ could have been made slightly clearer to the public eye. I could have improved this by making it bolder, changing colour or resizing it to a larger font. (There are also many more).
I am personally satisfied with my advert, i feel it strongly withholds the criteria of existing Paco Rabanne adverts both print and, TV forms. It consists of the styling and vividness of the imagery. Although I will take other peoples advice into consideration if I were to perform this assignment again.

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