My Groups Adverts For Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million’

I like the advert ciaran has produced here, I feel he has flowed the ideas of the original style of the Paco Rabanne adverts well. The gold glitter background is very glamorous and contemporary creating a modern feel. It compliments the contrast of the black and gold colours. I am fond of the image ciaren has chosen of the model ‘sinead’ as I feel she is situated in an edgy yet sophisticated manner. This is important when relating it to a particular target market. Although, personally I would improve on the way the colours are laid out, it appears he has placed more of the goldish colours against the gold glitter background rather then situated upon black. This would have created a stronger, bolder and more eye catching advert for the public. However, i like the style of the fonts which have shown a variety of size, bold, italic and colours. This adds individuality and variety which, consequently makes it a more interesting and viewable advert. The slogan is clear, noticeable and catchy which is a important factor for selling an advertising a product. Although, the clear spacing at the top  provides a slight dated look and could have easily been filled by using text, or images. Finally, i think that the text at the bottom of this advert ‘The new sensual fragrance for woman’ could be designed in a clearer font however, underlines the advert in a structured and finishing manner.
In this advert I am very fond of the choice of soft colours as it adds a very sleek and feminine design.The design of modern vintage which flows throughout relates well contrasting with its powerful gold appeal. The youthful glow adds a sense of passion with an unrealistic feel (dreamy). She has blended the glow in brilliantly into an visual uplifting background. Personally i feel the background plays a main part in this advert, although slightly plain,she has created a sophisticated style. The image of her modelling is very effective and shows a era of certainty. This is because of the direction she is gazing towards the Lady Million perfume bottle. Its very captivating towards the product itself. I am fond of the angle in which she is situated as a bigger impact is produced towards the product.  She is also cupping the bottle. This tells the target audience that it is a compact and transportable product that carries a sleek and stylish design.
Although, I strongly feel that the writing font for ‘Lady Million’ does not compliment her style and could have been placed in a more stern and fancy font. The sizing and positioning is good. Personally, I think that it is slightly to childish and is aiming at the younger end of the target audience. Many teenagers tend to want to feel older and more in control therefore she could have approached it from a different aspect. I like the style of the slogan ‘you’re one in a million’ and where it has been situated on her advert, it gives a glamorous and stylish feel. However, the new fragrance by Paco Rebanne generally should have been more clearer and larger. Finally, I feel she could have added more effects and styles to this advert to give it more of a diverse and individual appeal.
I am particularly keen on the style and similarities that have been kept between the original and her own. Unlike the other to adverts she has kept with colour themes of (black and gold), this is a huge recognition of the brand name and perfume ‘Lady Million’, ‘Paco Rabanne’. She has entwined the gold in a unique and effective way detailing important parts with a splash of colour. For example the text, lets the public know what the advert is about and i feel Elisha demonstrated this efficiently.  The gold necklace I feel is a great idea and combines the gold jewellery to signify the perfume bottle. Creating the idea of glamour and an expensive modern style. The title ‘Lady Million’ is presented in an extremely clear and eye catching way making it more appealing to the public eye. The size and situation of the text is smart and sophisticated demonstrating a more classy appeal. The perfume bottle is again situated in the palm of the models hand, showing the audience that it is a nice size, compact and easily transportable. However, I feel Sineads hand maybe slightly covering the perfume bottle to much and may focus on the model a little more however there is a good view of the edginess, uniqueness and attitude involved. The grey scale is nice and bold, elegant and sophisticated. It also provides the advert with a fresh and modern look. Sinead could have been looking at the product or signalizing some about it, maybe spraying it on herself or having her eyes on the fragrance while her body stays centre piece. Overall I feel this advert contains great elements of recognition to the original style, it combines elegance and purity (like a diamond). However I feel the angle of the model could have been situated better or at a different angle showing more of the product that is being advertised.

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