Screenshots for My Lady Million Advert

After taking our images for Paco Rabanne we have to produce an advert using the photo editing software Photoshop. I used a variety of different tools when creating my advert and am going to demonstrate to you how i produced my final advert. I found that the editing took a while as i tried out many different styles, positions and techniques replacing text or images, or adding/ changing different effects. Although, it was time consuming i felt that it helped me try out and see different styles and become more familiar with Photoshop, where the tools are situated and how they work. This enabled me to become more fond of basic tools for example, emboss, saturation, quick seletion, retangular marquees and dodge etc.. There are many more.

These are a variety of the tools photoshop contain;

> Lasso     > Move     > Magic Wand     > Crop     > Move     > Slice select     > Pencil     > Pattern Stamp     > Art History

> Eraser   > Magic Eraser      > Gradient      > Sharpen     > Sponge             >Verticle/ Horizontal Type Mask

> Path Selection     > Direct Selection          > Pen     > Line     > Custom Shape     > Eyedropper     > Measure

> Colour Sampler     > Clone Stamp     > Airbrush     >Background Eraser     >Blur     >Smudge    > Dodge

ScreenShot 1

I print screen my first screen shot using the shortcut on a apple mac [CMD shift 3]. This was an easy shortcut to use and they automatically saved onto my college desktop. I loaded the background image into Photoshop, and started examining if there was any fingerprints or flaws in my image. Unfortunately there was a few finger marks apon the bottle. However, they were not viewable when i had zoomed out. I zoomed in by using apple [CMD] +, and i would zoom out by using apple [CMD] -. These are again simple and easy tools to use. I cropped part of the top and left hand side of my image as, in my opinion would have made it appear more plain.

I then changed the Brightness and Contrast, this was situated in the right hand corner, and gave me a choice to alter alot of different effects. They could utlimatly change the entire image. I made my background picture slightly brighter and increased the contrast quite alot. This made the colours more indivuadual and stand out more rather then, more dull. I did this as i wanted to fulfil the glamour appeal and make the gold glitter appear more realistic. The brightness made the image become more lighter and look more fresh.
I then changed the exposure on my advert background. The exposure effects how much the image is being exposed to light. You can alter the exposure on the camera by changing the shutter speed. I feel this made an effective change to my background. I am gradually making small changes to my background as i was pleased with the original image. Although, altering it to compliament the original adverts and style.
Next i changed the vibrance. The vibrance determines the colour change and how bright or dull they become. I increase the vibrancy as i wanted it to be eye catching and easily seen if it were to be produced in a real magazine, billboard or online.
For this section i finally tweeted the Hue and Saturation. I feel personally this is a powerful tool and quickly makes a dramatic difference to my advert background. I didn’t change the Hue however i did the saturation. Saturation is used to dissolve or absorb the colours that are in my background image. I increased the percentage  slightly and again was happy with the result.
I then added on the text. I used the ‘T’ like symbol on the tool bar. This is called Verticle/Horizontal Type Mask. Although personally i feel the name is slightly perciving. I entered in the Tiltle of the perfume ‘LADY MILLION’ i decided to place it is caps lock to with hold the strength of the advert. I wanted it positioned at the top as it was the most suitable and revelant place to poisition it creating a structured layout. It is also very clear and bold so it would capture the target audiences interests. I also, included the slogan as this is a vital part of captivating the audience to the advert. I wanted to place this center piece as it fits next to the product. As i have explained previously i feel the slogan relates extremely well to the product structure and style. I had chosen to place this as a modern and sophisticated font so i have a variety of different elements within my advert. I kept the consistency of the caps lock and title font to enhance the important words. ‘One’ and ‘Million’. Finally i finished my text off by continuing my strong structure and placing it at the bottom to give a stern and bold advert, i feel this created attitude and edginess which relates to the diamond. I had mentioned the brand and placed the word exclusive. ‘Exclusive to Paco Rabanne’. I separated the letters here as it suggests less importance and i didn’t want people to feel if it was the product itself. Exclusive was a word i chosen careful i wanted the audience to feel as if it special or of a limited edition. It also makes the designer ‘Paco Rabanne’ seem more classy and sheek. These were all coloured in a vivid, bold black as it would be clearer and blended in extremely well with the original colour themes and from the original advert.

These were screen shots of me experimenting with the text. I tried adding a light glow around the main text (on the right), and a brown style type text on the other. A noise effect was added to border, hugging around the original text(on the left). I thought i could improve both of these ideas as they both neither relate to the style i was hoping for, neither do they do the product any justice.

This is my final advert i was very happy with how it turned out, and overall experimented with alot of different tools, and making consistent quick edits to try and improve it. I added a emboss style effect to the title which gave it a even more powerful appeal, the fresh glow that i placed around the slogan suggests its inncoent, angelic and truthful. It was an effect called glow and i chosen the colour white, i feel it softens the image and makes it overall look less sharp and more feminine. I altered the opacity to the glow as well, this allowed it to blend in with the rest of the image and allowing the slogan to be even bolder. I created a very light black rectangular box around the brand name. This finishes off the layout of the advert in my opionion. It relates well to the greyscale original images and again careates a wider amount of detail involved within my advert. This was a medium size, and i feel it is a pleasent font and sizing for the content. At the end i slot in ‘The new uplifting limited edition perfume’. This is carried out in a very slender, petite, sleek and classy design embracing a vintage twist. The length adds length to the advert and perfume bottle and the word limited edition compliaments the other text for ‘exclusive’.

Throughout this i have tried to get the same and important factors to flow and compliment each other, using a lot of Photoshop effects, exploring new and unknown previous ones. The advert style, layout and content is simular to how i was hoping it would turn out. I enjoyed producing this and experimenting with new techniques. It is efficient and strongly feel i have carried it out in a professional manner.


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