Task 1 – Features and benefits. lady million

The features that paco rebanne ‘Lady Million’ has to offer are;

  • It is a ultra feminine fragrance aimed for the female public.
  • The design of the bottle is a stylish, modern, gold and contemporary bottle consisting of a diamond style base.
  • Features the name and brand engraved on the bottle. ‘Paco Rebanne’ and ‘Lady Million’
  • Spray top which provides easy usage.
  • Floral and Spice scent
  • compact
  • Perfume is transportable
  • Lightweight bottle
  • Advised for over 20’s
  • Bottle sits at an angle [pointed base], this is unusual and adds a different twist to the style of the product.

Paco Rebanne, Lady Million also offers many benefits to its perfume these are;

  • A blend of fresh and fruity flavours consisting of orange and raspberry’s enhancing the base notes of honey, patchouli and amber.
  • The perfume is long lasting and has good staying power
  • The smell doesn’t fade
  • Easy to move around
  • eye catching bottle which will make you stand out
  • easy to use
  • spray top provides an even spray
  • Comes in many different sizes with a range of different prices. Also, purchase gift sets.
  • Perfume comes packaged in an elegant and sophisticated box
  • Ideal for evening wear
  • It is not an overpowering perfume but strong and sweetly floral which makes it very fresh.

The Unique selling point for ‘Lady Million, Paco Rebanne’ is the eye catching bottle that will undoubtedly encourage people to purchase the product. The bottle is very different from any other perfume bottles that are currently in the present market. The colour is not original which will certainly catch the general public’s eye. This would cause the product to ultimately sell better. The edgy cut diamond effect and the glamorous plain gold top creates an individual and unique selling point for this product. With the angled base the Paco Rebanne will look effective and stylish where ever it is habited.

The slogan we have chosen to use is ‘you’re one in a million’. I personally feel this relates  extremely well to the product name which is ‘Lady million’. The name million is used in relation to the product name. It is such a glamorous, fun and sophisticated name which combines with the style of the product extremely well. We would have been silly not to include that in. Its also a catchy and noticeable word which people will remember. You’re, aims it at a individual and makes the audience feel as if the advert is being aimed at them, drawing them into look and maybe purchase the product. Personally the word one suggests to the target audience that there is nothing like this product. Its one individual product that will not compare with any other at the present target market. Overall, i feel that the slogan demonstrates the target market well as it carry’s an uplifting feminine essence.  Its eye catching and may also suggest to the audience that they could feel ‘one in a million’ while they are wearing the fragerance. It compliaments the style of the perfume from every aspect and it a strong, compelling, bold slogan.


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