Analysing 2 Other Film Posters

I am very fond of this film poster i feel the sepia tonal colours compliment the action, adventure and thriller genre that seems to go with this film. I have noticed there is a fire corruption placed in the background of this film poster, the colours flow and blend in extraordinary well with that and the design is started to appeal in a effective and efficient manner. This particular film poster gives the impression of a foreground, middle ground and background ( a 3D effect). The angels in which these actors/ actresses are situated provide us with a noticeable, edgy film. The designer has very cleverly directed their weapons towards the splashes of information. I feel this is drawing you to read and intrigue you about the film. The text is firm and blocked. It is very stern and certain, there are no stylish curves or colours that have been placed on this poster. The size of the text i feel flows well with the layout and structure of the film advert, and the colours also enter-wine well. However i feel they could be more eye catching. I feel this particular film is aiming more at celebrity endorsement, whereby they use celebrity s to encourage people to come watch the film. The front cover does not give away to much although undoubtedly catches the target audiences eye to view this film.

As you can see i have tried to include some variety within my three chosen film posters. This film poster advertising the film ‘Dear John’ has a very fresh and natural appeal to it. Its bright and uses clean, bright colours to flow with the style of the film and poster design. The background seems set in a peaceful and tranquil environment which could suggest a love story and the image of the sea could suggest ‘a distance away from one another’. Although, the main image is of a man (Channing Tatum) and a famous woman actress (Amanda Seyfield). Both of these adverts in my opinion contain celebrity endorsement however, i feel this one contains both beauty appeal and escape to encourage and intrigue the audience to watch this. The image is of them hugging it is a subtle yet meaningful pose whereby you believe that their feelings may be strong for one another. She also looks guarded, almost as if he is trying to protect her from something or someone. Their names are written clearly at the top of this poster, in a lime green font colour. Again, this relates to purity and innocence. The font is not formal neither in caps locks. It flows in brilliantly with the rest of the designs creating a subtle and soft era. The main title of the film ‘Dear John’ is presented in two different colours. I find this quite unusual and is generally more distinctive and attractive then the usual 1 colour font. The dear is wrote in a bright white, complimenting the theme of angelical and purity, although ‘John’ is written in a citrus Orange and yellow. This is a fresh and alive colour which again covers the style throughout. The title of this film is wrote in caps lock. I feel this is mainly to draw distinctive attention to the middle sector or the film poster and gives that uplifting strength and imagination. This films poster is extremely professional, and has included more variety of colours than wanted. I tried to vary the genres of the posters to add some interest and excitement into my own work.


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