Film Poster Evaluation

What did i have to do for this assignment

For this assignment i had to recreate a original film poster however, it must contain a modern effective twist to the editing. We also had to analyze printed film posters describing and discussing in detail how they were structured, what was involved, how the layout was designed and thought of, mentioned font and colours etc..

Also, we had to provide screen shots of the production involved within our final film adverts. We had to demonstrate a technical usage of the tools and effects of photo shop. Giving a detailed review of why you designed your poster, mentioning the content, style and layout purpose.

What went well

Throughout this assignment i feel that the producing of my film poster had gone very well. I had managed to created two individual and different film posters. The first one is a imitation of the original, which i personally feel is similar and efficiency to the original one demonstrated. I included the same style and unique content. I used the consistency of the symbolizing title font and logo which is traditionally used for the film. My second film poster was the one i created an individual style and modern interpretation as asked in the assignment brief. This is my favourite out of the two. I am really please with how this one has turned out and i believe that it adds a contemporary professional feel to the original, focusing on the modern day film industry. I had added more of my own detailing and twist to this one and generally feel that it looks very efficient. When shooting our photos we were using a Nikon D80 which seem to produce a good quality picture. I really enjoyed working with peter and kyle and feel we compliment each other within our team. We worked sociably and academically to help and encourage each other to perform well. I would very much like to work with them both again.

What went badly

To be honest their was not many things that went really badly however, after taking our images in the photography studio we gathered them onto a USB stick and went to view them upon a mac computer. A few of the images were unfortunately blurry and this resulted in us having a not so wide variety of images to choose with. I would next time view the images before leaving the studio. I also feel timing has not been so accurate as what i would have liked to of planned. I had a lot of trouble uploading my screen shots onto my computer at home, and in the end found it impossible to solve. This delayed me a lot when completing my assignment and i now know to use a mac suite computer at college. I feel we could have communicated slightly more as a team although understandably we were all busy concentrating on editing or analyzing film posters. These are the general issues which i feel didn’t go as well as the majority of other things.

If i were to carryout this assignment again i would improve

I would undoubtedly improve on my timing issue and maybe set specific hours for photography work to be completed. I would also improve on producing another film poster therefore, i could Anallise and discuss my ideas about it. It would also enable me to create a wider spread for my assignment. My attendance may also be a slight issue i would try to perform 100%, although i have been considerably good when attending photography. I have tried to apply myself to a efficient and professional standard however, i feel their is always room for improvement so i could of applied myself harder and concentrated slightly more in lesson.

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