Film Poster Evaluation

What did i have to do for this assignment For this assignment i had to recreate a original film poster however, it must contain a modern effective twist to the editing. We also had to analyze printed film posters describing and discussing in detail how they were structured, what was involved, how the layout was … Continue reading

My Modern Interpretation Of The Godfather Film Poster

My Modern Film Poster – Image, Final Poster. Analyzing Film Poster – My Modern One – Analysis of Modern Film poster.

Analysing Film Poster 1

THE GODFATHER – film poster 1

Original Interpretation of Godfather Film Poster

Original Interpretation of Godfather film Poster – Film Poster

Analysing 2 Other Film Posters

I am very fond of this film poster i feel the sepia tonal colours compliment the action, adventure and thriller genre that seems to go with this film. I have noticed there is a fire corruption placed in the background of this film poster, the colours flow and blend in extraordinary well with that and … Continue reading

Group Joiner Last Year

Group Joiner From Last Year, Introduction To Art, Design & Media Course at Northampton College Booth Lane. This is my group Joiner from last year at college, where i studied Introduction To Art, Design and Media. Whereby i also studied  ‘Joiners’. I am fond of this joiner and decided to add it into my assignment … Continue reading

Group Timeline Joiner

Group Time Line Joiner     This is my group time line joiner. Me, Elliot, Jon, Jack and Josh created this joiner. We was wandering round college deciding on what to do and noticed this cola delivery lorry parked outside the canteen. As a group we agreed on producing a time line of this lorry. … Continue reading

Evaluation For Photography Assignment Joiners

Evaluation and Conclusion For Joiner Assignment   What I Have Studied In This Assignment In this assignment we had to learn how to produce a joiner, ‘take several pictures of parts of an object’, location or person etc…. To take our images we was given a digital camera to photograph with. When taking images for … Continue reading

Plant Joiner

  We were sent out with basic digital cameras around college. To find objects to produce a joiner out of. I tried to vary my ideas and add some variety into my work. This is a joiner of a dying plant at Northampton College, Booth Lane. However i liked the few leaves that had stayed on … Continue reading

David Hockney Research*

DAVID HOCKNEY – British painter, print maker, photographer, designer and draughtsman. :] David hockney is an artist who was born in 1937 on the 9th July in the town of Bradford. His mum was called laura hockney and his father was called Kenneth hockney. David hockneys’ parents were strict methodists and therefore, david hockney would regulary attend a … Continue reading