Glee Graphs

After gathering together and analysing my glee results. I used microsoft excell to place my results into graphs. I would find this easier to compare my overall results. Book3 1 Conclusion for graphs on age and attraction to glee. As you can see from this primary research I have done, most people was aged 16 … Continue reading

Glee Results Analysis

In this assignment i was given the task to carry out my own primary research. For my research i produced a survey by using an on-line survey maker called, ‘Survey Monkey’.  I thought it would be a good idea to produce a survey as i was able to have a choice over the questions, and this enabled … Continue reading

Who Watches Glee!! – Task 2

Glee as you have already established is a surprisingly popular worldwide cross media production that has captured the eyes and ears of the public with a teen high school drama and musical combined into a tv series. But Who Watches It? In this part of my assignment i am going to dicuss viewing figures between e4 which is a … Continue reading

Introduction To Research ‘Glee’ Assignment *task 1

For this assignment i am going to, research and identify what songs the public want to see in ‘Glee’ production. Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series. I am also, going to analyse the show and establish who exactly the audience is and how popular the show has become. It originally was shown in the us aired … Continue reading

Producing Our Borrower Image & Screen Shots

when producing our borrower image we had to consider various different problems that may crop up. For example, the location. When planning our background image we had think about how we able to access a certain location. A room could be locked or unsafe. Possibly, the background may be to high therefore you weren’t able to reach … Continue reading