Task 1 – Features and benefits. lady million

The features that paco rebanne ‘Lady Million’ has to offer are; It is a ultra feminine fragrance aimed for the female public. The design of the bottle is a stylish, modern, gold and contemporary bottle consisting of a diamond style base. Features the name and brand engraved on the bottle. ‘Paco Rebanne’ and ‘Lady Million’ … Continue reading

My Groups Adverts For Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million’

I like the advert ciaran has produced here, I feel he has flowed the ideas of the original style of the Paco Rabanne adverts well. The gold glitter background is very glamorous and contemporary creating a modern feel. It compliments the contrast of the black and gold colours. I am fond of the image ciaren has chosen of the model ‘sinead’ as I … Continue reading

My Final Advert For Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million’

This is the advert that i have produced for Lady Million Paco Rabanne. I am happy with how the final advert has turned out. I feel it is very bold and eye catching and clearly states what the product is. I also feel that it demonstrates the brand and individuality of the product well. I have chosen to keep the … Continue reading

Screenshots for My Lady Million Advert

After taking our images for Paco Rabanne we have to produce an advert using the photo editing software Photoshop. I used a variety of different tools when creating my advert and am going to demonstrate to you how i produced my final advert. I found that the editing took a while as i tried out many different styles, … Continue reading

Evaluation Of Lady Million Advert

what was involved during this assignment For this assignment i had to explain different advertisements in terms of content, style using technical reference to precise and detailed examples also, create and present an imaginative idea of an advert for an advertisement of our choice.  I  had to consistently uses appropriate techniques and technology uses photo-shop … Continue reading

Spell Check Screenshot

Evidence of Planning for Paco Rebanne Lady Million Advert

  I feel i participated well within the group discussion when planning and sharing our ideas for the creation of an advert involving Lady Million. I think i demonstrated a strong understanding of communicating information, which i included related and efficient ideas. I feel these were used appropriately and in a professional mannerism. I also decided to write down a few of the … Continue reading

ASA Complaints

The ASA is the UK’s main advertising watchdog, that maintains high quality standards for the general public in advertising.  Their aim is to maintain standards in all media areas, also containing principles to guide the ASA to published standards of service. The ASA receive no government funding and therefore it is free for the tax payers. They … Continue reading

Proposal – Budget

Budget – photographer – A freelance photographer could, for a professional shoot cost anything between 500 – 1500. This would all depend on the experience and professional standard of the individual photographer. Hiring a freelance photographer would generally take some researching regarding his previous customer satisfaction and portfolio. A photographer working for a company would generally be charging an … Continue reading

Fragrance advertising proposal form.

proposal form for Lady Million fragrance